The team

Olita Team member Jose Ignacio Zarza

Jose Ignacio Zarza

Owner of the agency and expert in vulcanology. Ignacio set up Olita Trek & Bike over 25 years ago being the first hiking company on the island of Lanzarote.
Olita Team member Marie Rey

Marie Rey

The most experienced guide at Olita Trek & Bike. Marie, originally from France, lives on Lanzarote since 1997 and …
Team member Andreas Weibel

Andreas Weibel

Andreas discovered Lanzarote in the late 90s, during windsurfing holidays. After finishing his studies of Geography in Zurich, Switzerland, he decided to change lifestyle and settle in the warm Canarian climate.
Olita Team member Sylvie Pautard

Sylvie Pautard

Originally from southern France, Sylvie came on vacation to Lanzarote in 1999 – and never left again.

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